Groundwater Data Center

The San Joaquin County Groundwater Data Center (GDC) is a Countywide centralized groundwater information vehicle that provides access to groundwater data collected and shared by agencies throughout San Joaquin County.  Over the internet, water interests including groundwater users, Basin stakeholders, industry professionals, decision makers, and the general public will be able to access historic groundwater data.

To enter the GDC please read the following disclaimer:

By using this application you acknowledge and accept the following  terms and conditions.  The information on this map is based on the most current information available to the San Joaquin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District.  The County of San Joaquin does not warrant its accuracy or suitability for any particular purpose.  The information on this map is not intended to replace engineering, financial or primary records research.

If you have read and understand the disclaimer, launch the viewerNOTE: You may need to disable any popup blockers in order to launch the viewer.

You may also find additional information by viewing the District's Groundwater Reports.